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“Intense, dynamic, power styles of Rock for sports, action and promos with impact.”
APM Music - 2018

Who We Are?

Chapel of Rock

Chapel of Rock is a UK based publishing company owned by the successful music writer Chris Goulstone. With over a thousand copyrights to his name and a long career in the industry, Chris's experience in the world of production music is second to none - composing for TV and Films worldwide.

Formed 2017, with an exclusive deal with APM for America and Canada and now in 2018 around the globe with; Sonoton, Big Bang and Fuzz - BMG, Musique & Music, Sakura Notes, Twelvetones, Jaguarec, Media Cube, Music and Images, Latin Music Publishing, Musou, Point Culture and Synchro Music.

Chapel of Rock produces intense, hard-hitting soundtracks for sports, action and promos - worldwide.

Works are produced from Sambourne House Studios which comprises three sound editing suites, five live recording areas and two control rooms where Chris partners with his select team of talented writers: Neil Taylor, Dave Knott and Gus Isidore and session musicians with a long pedigree in the industry. The Chapel of Rock ethos centres around end to end quality and integrity whereby all work is composed, recorded, mixed, edited and mastered in house to deliver a high end product.

Using Our Music?

For licensing our music in America and Canada; contact APM Music.


Sambourne House Studios

Sambourne House Studios

Sambourne House, built in 1800 for Henry Wansey, a prominent english clothier, on his marriage to his cousin Elizabeth they produced at least 14 children!
Henry wrote about poor social conditions in England and travelled extensively in America after Independence and had tea with George Washington.

Sambourne House has undergone extensive restoration and renovation recently, bringing it back to its former glory. Now complete, Sambourne House Studios comprises three sound editing suites, five live recording areas and two control rooms

Our Composers

Chris Goulstone

Producing TV and Film music for over twenty years with over 100 albums to his name, Chris works from Sambourne House Studios, providing cutting edge tracks for shows around the globe.

Dayv Knott

Dayv Knott specialises in extreme genres of production music - various metal & punk styles, often utilising more "extended range" 7 & 8 guitars. Dayv has co written production music with established production music composer Chris Goulstone.

Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor has had an Illustrious career as a session guitarist recording with many major artists such as Tina Turner, Tears For Fears, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams, Morrissey, Rod Stewart & Trevor Horn to name a few. Currently writing for Chapel of Rock, Neil has many tracks released worldwide.

Gus Isidore

Gus Isidore has played with many Artistes including, Peter Gabriel, Peter Green, Marc Bolan, Phil Lynott and Seal where he co-wrote the platinum multi million selling "Seal 2" album, including "Prayer for the Dying", from which Gus received a BMI Award


Contact Us

For licensing our music in all other territories please contact us on or call
+44 (0)7939065981

Sambourne House Studios, UK